Zenith A386 Mark 1 + extract 1969
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This is the iconic Zenith a386 in the extremely rare Mark 1 execution, so from the first batch in 1969, and even in outstandingly all original and unpolished condition. According to Zenith, no more than 500 examples were delivered in this configuration back then in the late 1960s. Only a small number in the double-digit range may still exist today, mostly they are in bad condition if ever one comes to the market.

The Mark 1 differs from the later versions of the A386 in its case with missing gaps between lugs and maincase, the dial (A under H), the back cover without Nato star and the thin subdial hands.

The A386 Mark1 is powered by one of the very first El Primeros ever delivered. This caliber is undisputedly the most historically important automatic chronograph movement of all time. It was the first of its kind and was later used by many other companies, such as Rolex for their Daytona 16520.

Our example impresses not only with its historically important characteristics, but also with its exceptionally well-preserved condition. The case is still completely unpolished and the original shape and the sharp bevels are still wonderfully present. The Mk1 back cover, without Nato star, contains all the necessary engravings in- and outside (serial 538Dxxx). The beautiful „A under H“ dial is in beautiful and original condition and the subdials naturally still bear the early thin hands. The minute-, the hour- and the sweeping secondhand are all still carrying their tritium lume and are matching the tritiumcolor on the dial. ┬áThe crown (with large circle around the star), the pushers, the plexi and the bezel are all the original ones, as they were, when the watch left the factory. The original 3019 PHC was checked through by our watchmaker and runs exactly in all functions, not being in the need for a service currently.

The watch naturally comes on its original Zenith/Gay Freres ladder bracelet with ZJ lugs. The strap is in excellent condition with full length and almost no stretch. The set also includes an archive extract from Zenith, which guarantees the full originality, serial number and year of manufacture. If you’ve ever been looking for the rarest and most iconic El Primero, you’ve just found your grail.

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