Zenith A386 from 1970
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this is one of the most important references in watch history. the original iconic zenith a386 el primero from 1970. the very first automatic chronograph in the world.

one elementary thing for todays collectors is the allover condition of those references. we are happy to mention that this Mk2 execution (707Dxxx) still contents all original parts, including „big ring“ crown, pushers and plexi. All it´s tritium on the beautiful dial and in the hands is the, UV light tested, original one. It´s almost impossible today to get an original crown, ZJ ends or similar. If you would ever find some of those parts, high 4 digit numbers would have to be payed. The case looks like never been polished and still shows the original chamfers and edges. It is very well sidekicked by the original Gay Freres ladder bracelet with original ZJ endlinks. We currently don´t see such an allover original example anywhere else on the market.

the legendary 3019 phc el primero has recently been fully serviced by us and runs perfectly in all functions. the service bill will be delivered with. this piece is a weighty addition to any serious watch collection and without any doubt, one of the holy grails of watchhistory, in case there could ever be more than only one.


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