zenith a386 / el primero / Mk3
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as widely known under collectors, the iconic zenith a386 (together with a384 & a385) el primero is celebrating it´s 50th birthday this year, as the very first automatic wristchronograph of the world. the el primero soon became a historical important movement, and was also built into rolex daytonas in a customized version for over a decade from the late 1980s on. we are very happy to be able to offer you an extraordinary good example once again. one of the most important facts is, that this mk3 case (862Dxxx) has never been polished and comes with the original famous shape and beautiful sharp chamfers. Dial and hands are carrying their original lume which is appearing in a beautiful colortone. The 3019 phc has received a fresh service by our watchmaker, is winding supersmoothly and will run perfectly for decades. The bottom and the right subdialhand had to be replaced at that service. The left is still the original one. All other parts about this watch, like „big circle“ crown, pushers, plexi, „hooked 7“ bezelring, Zenith/GF ladder bracelet and the ZJ ends are all the original ones. This beautiful A386 is one you would keep for your life as finding a better one will be almost an impossible job.

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