Zenith A386 El Primero / 1970 / nos
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This year, already 50 years ago, in 1969, zenith released the el primero references a386, a385 and a384 as the first automatic wristchronographs in the world. Today the original A386 has developed to one of the most adorable pieces for vintagewatch-collectors, regarding it´s historical importance and breathtaking unique design as well. So much about the historical facts most of us have already been aware of. The biggest challenge for a collector today would be to find an example that is still in a good condition, as most pieces that come to the market contain serviceparts, have been overpolished or refurbished in any other way.  This one is something completely else. Its condition can only be rated with AAA+, and its provenance  is impressive. It was one of a very few schoolwatches of the prestigious Technicum in La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland, that was handed out to the students to educate them about the new 5Hz Chronographs back then in the early 70s. This watch has always been in possession of one of those students and later watchmaker, who has now retired from business. According to him, it was kept dormand for decades and if you see the condition, especially of the case, it´s very clear that this is true. The Mk3 case is unpolished, unscratched and simply the very best all original 50 year old A386 steelcase we have ever seen. All parts on and in this watch have always been together since it was handed out to that swiss watchmaker. The dial is absolutely awesome, with strong colors, no scratches or other violations. On the right subdial you can witness a natural aging process of laquer-parts fading away and laying open some parts of the brass base. We rate this as a charming effect, that gives us a hint of the real age that watch already has. The fact that the original tritium lume is toning differently in hands and on the indicies is absolutely common for early el primero models. Speaking for itself, the watchmaker has always kept the 3019 PHC El primero in very best health, so it is running in chronometer norm today and is simply in perfect condition. This watch comes even with it´s original zenith leatherband and buckle that it was delivered out with. below you will find a photo with the A386 beside the pocketwatch which the swiss watchmaker has made as his examination for the masters craftman´s diploma. This is an all original zenith A386 in museum quality and maybe a once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on this reference in such a condition.

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