zenith A384 el Primero 1969
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if you ever wanted to own a historical very important watch in awesome condition, but were never in the mood to spend over 6000 bucks, then here is your chance. it´s widely spread knowledge in the meanwhile, that zenith released the a384 (together with a386 and a385) as the first automatic wristchronograph in the world in 1969. this piece here is the original and not the reissue, which was brought to the market this year on it´s 50th anniversary. our piece is a beautiful example with clean vanillatone cremedial, brownish subdials and tachyring as well. it’s handset is carrying tritium just as the dial does. the superfat and sharp case has a clearly readable serialnumber engraved on the caseback (9..), with original pushers and an zenith small crown, which may have been built on in an early service long time ago. the 3019phc el primero is running exactly, winding smoothly and won´t be in the need for  service soon. this icon of watchhistory will come on a black racing leatherstrap.

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