Yema Yachtingraf Croisiere
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This piece in mint condition is a special and rare version made by swiss watchmaker J.P. Pingouin who produced Yema´s, LeJour´s and other brands in the 60s and 70s for professional purpose, according to researches by collectors. These watches appear with casebacks that are tested waterresistant up to 20 ATM instead of 10 ATM from the usual version. Also pushers are bigger and the crown is different to reach them more easy when in action. Compared to the normal version of the Yema Valjoux 7736 Croisiere that is unsigned, the J.P. Pingouin version comes with engraved movement bridge and engraved caseback. The condition of this piece is overall mint with an unpolished 39 mm (+crown) case, untouched dial and hands with UV tested authentic  and colourmatching lume. Also the bezel is in perfect condition with it´s luminous triangle. The movement runs perfectly in all functions and is also in very good condition. This piece will come on a petrolcoloured leatherband by GLC straps Roma and in addition a grainy black leatherstrap.

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