Universal Geneve Tricompax "Clapton"
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Ref. 881101/01 from 1967/68. This iconic Tricompax version got it´s nickname by the collectors after it´s most famous owner, the guitarrist Eric Clapton. (the image above shows him and his watch together with Jimi Hendrix in 1967). This individual piece here is the best we have seen so far when it´s about condition and originality. It has an absolute flawless pandadial with all original tritiumdots still appearing in an overwhelming colour. The tritium of the hands is matching that colour. Bezel, crown, pushers and “U-signed” plexi are the original ones and also in top condition. The unpolished case shows clearly both original numbers engraved on the caseback (That has become a rare and sought after fact when it´s about vintage UG´s). The complicating 281 UG chronograph movement with moonphase, day and date has had a service two years ago and runs perfectly in all functions. We will deliver the watch with an original UG steelbracelet and a  black racingleather bracelet. It´s also to mention, that this exact watch will be shown in “Fero the book, 150 steel chronographs” which will be released very soon.

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