Universal Geneve Polerouter Super
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A Polerouter Super is a rare sight in todays collectors scene. especially when they come in mint condition like our example here. The PR „super“, which was released in 1966, has convinced a growing group of collectors to be one of the coolest from the polerouter family. It´s case with straight lugs is slighly bigger and also thicker than the twisted lugs version and looks much more sportive stylewise because of those facts. In addition with the huge screwdown crown it gives this model a safe place between the twisted lug genta case and the much more expensive polerouter sub.
Our piece has never been polished and it´s matte black dial is carrying still all original tritiumplots in beautiful cremetone patina. even the hands are matching in color. The UG caliber 69, the „king“ of all UG microtor movements, was checked through by our watchmaker and is in absolutely great condition and working order. Our Polerouter Super in pristine collectors condition comes on a beige and in addition a black racingleatherstrap.

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