Universal Geneve Bauhaus watch 1937
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this is a very special and ultrarare collectors watch in prestine mint condition. The 32mm Universal Geneve steelwatch is a historical important designicon from the Bauhaus era. From 1937 to be exact, what we can learn from the serialnumber (60xxxx) which is engraved on the inside of the caseback (watchmaker´s photo in poor quality). All design carakteristics are pure Bauhaus design. Just like the sharp-edged, high-built case, the flat crown, or the domed case wings on the back of the watch. The beautiful matte black dial with stylish reduced white print completes the design of this beautiful watch. The bonded leather strap is attached to permanently installed bars and is closed by an equally wonderful buckle. This watch was built before WW2 and must have survived in a drawer for the longest time since then, as it´s overall condition is just overwhelming. It´s UG handwound movement is running great, keeping the time exactly. This is maybe a once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on a historical important watch in pure bauhaus design, which has survived in mint condition.

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