Rolex Daytona 16520 P -series
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the „zenith-daytonas“, produced between 1988 and 2000, are the direct followup on the handwound plexi daytonas. this example is definitely one of the rarest of this reference. the P-series from 2000 is the very last version of the 16520, only being produced for a few months, before the 116520 was released. a- and p- series are the only 16520´s that have legit luminova dials. our piece is in extraordinary good condition coming with original rolex servicepapers from 2015 and box. it´s case seems to be unpolished and so are the numbers between the lugs. it has a flawless dial that you will just fall in love with when bringing it to the sunlight. it comes on the 78390a bracelet with 12 links + solid endlinks in top condition. this is a rare version of the 16520 in awesome condition, which is an important collectorspiece and at the same time could be your daily attendant as a waterresistant and recently rolex-serviced chronograph.

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