Rolex 6082 Shock Resisting
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This is an overwhelmingly beautiful vintage rolex oyster, reference 6082 from 1962. The original no lume dial with strong patina is writing the words „shock-resisting“ over six o´clock and is sidekicked by a beautiful set of no lume dauphine hands. another very charming detail of this piece is the original super oyster crown with engraved swiss cross. the 34mm steel case with plane bezel features lug drillings only on one side and a nice original domed plexi. The handwound rolex caliber 701 is keeping time exactly not being in the need for a service soon. The watch comes on a cool 7205 rivet bracelet with 57 endlinks that will fit wrists up to 20cm circumference and smaller. A beautiful and all original vintage rolex with gorgeous details that let a collectors heart beat higher.

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