Piaget Polo 7661 from 1980
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you may have heard of „under the radar“ vintage watches from other collectors or dealers, not so much from us. we prefer to describe a watch as what it is, not as „if investors have allready rated it onto a crazy pricelevel or not“. but if we would, then this could be on poleposition of our „under the radar“ list. the very first execution of the piaget polo from 1979 is a design icon and and a representative of the first jet set era in the late 1970s. this piece, designed by yves piaget, is so extravagant and unique, so „upcoming 1980s“, that we figure it was also the design template for legendary swatch gents models that have been released in 1983. the measurements and relations are exatly the same. our example in 18k yellowgold is in unpolished and mint condition, with zero stretch of the integrated bracelet, which even still has the full length (fitting wrists up to 19,5 cm). it comes with it´s original box and the once flattest quartz movement in the world. the piaget 7p is for sure working perfectly. and now as we spoke about it, you may want to mention that this piece is an extremely cool watch, but sadly comes with a quartz movement. let me answer that this is one of the heaviest goldwatches on the market, with a weight of 145 grams, and at least 120 grams of it will be pure 18k yellowgold. in recent times, with the goldprice increasing every day, that is a value of 6000€ for the material alone. we hope that will compensate the quartz movement a bit 😉

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