Patek Philippe Ellipse "paintless wonder"
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this is a wonderful patek Philippe Ellipse from the 1970s with a rare naturally appeared „paintless wonder“ effect. The reference 3548 with it´s 27 x 32mm 18k white gold case comes on a beautiful and rare integrated whitegold bracelet, which will fit wrists up to 19cm circumference and smaller. the original blue part of the dial appears to be absolutely flawless and only the flanks on left and right side have lost that blue tone over the decades in a very charming way, fading to the golden basecolor of the dial. We would even say the natural wavy design of that effect fits perfectly to the one of the bracelet. the watch still comes with all it´s original parts and a beautiful handwound Patek philippe caliber with the engraved seal of geneva, which is running strong and exact, not being in the need for a service soon. A highly collectable individual vintage Patek Philippe which you will only come across once in your lifetime.

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