patek philippe calatrava 18k / fullset
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this is an extraordinary cool 18k whitegold patek philippe calatrava 3563/3 from 1972 with integrated whitegold bracelet. the 34,5 mm dresswatch comes as a fullset with original certificate from blome düsseldorf, handsigned by mr. blome himself, and the original box, with patek typical, strong patina in the inside. we will deliver a second box with. the automatic patek caliber 1-350 is running exactly and is not in the need for a service soon. all parts of the watch are full original like the domed saphire crystal, the beautiful blue swiss signed tapisserie dial with some aging effects on the edges, and the original crown, being placed on the caseback of the watch. the integrated whitegold bracelet will fit wrists from a 17,5 to 18,5 cm range. this watch is delivering overwhelmingly beautiful lighteffects in different angles

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