MOvado Super Sub Sea 1960s
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this is a rare movado divers chronograph from the 1960s in all original condition. the 146HP powered supersubsea comes with an outstandingly beautiful patinated tritium-dial and an original color-matching handset and bezel-perl. the true „vintage-vibe“ of this watch is simply very adorable. pushers, signed crown and plexi are the original ones, just as the 60s sport-tropic-band and the movado buckle. the fat 40mm steelcase-case appears with it´s original chamfers and is in allover great condition, showing all engravings you wanted to see. the supersubsea has received a full service recently and is working perfectly in all function, ready to be enjoyed by it´s new vintage watch loving owner.

  • movado
  • supersubsea
  • movadosupersubsea
  • 146hp
  • 1960