IWC Porsche design 1980s
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This is a cool 1980s IWC Porsche design sportswatch in titanium. the reference 3317 with it´s clear and straight design-language comes with 32 mm case with integrated bracelet and used to be a men´s watch back then in the 1980s. With the latest new watchdesigns by all major brands becoming constantly smaller again, these references are getting more and more i focus nowadays, also from a fashionable aspect. See it being worn by a 1,90m tall man on the displayed image. The IWC comes with all it´s original parts, a flawless matte black dial and a perfectly working IWC Quartz caliber, shows several signs of wearing on the bracelet but is i overall nice unpolished vintage condition. It currently fit wrists up to a circumference of 18cm. This is the perfect daily watch and the only way to ever own a „swiss porsche“, although it´s meant to be for your wrist and not the german „autobahn“.

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