heuer carrera 3647st
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this is a rare heuer carrera 3647st in outstanding good and all original condition. the case of this iconic racing-chronograph from 1966 has never been polished and shows a clearly readable 72xxx serial. the dial and handset are absolute flawless and conditionwise surely among the best we have ever seen in such a reference. all lumedots are still appearing in full size. please note that there are two dialversions of the 3647st, and this one is the much nicer one, with a cremecoloured inner circle, surrounded by a silvercolored ring with red tachyscale, unlike the plane white execution. the important valjoux 92 has been checked through by our watchmaker and runs exactly in all functions. the carrera comes on it´s original and superrare 66 (!!) signed Heuer/Gay Freres „doublebeads of rice“ -bracelet, which is a sought after collectors item itself.

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