Heuer Carrera 1153BN "Gustav Klimt"
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How to start a description about this watch? Maybe the first thing one has to mention is, that everyone who would rate the dial of this piece as damaged, should better stop reading here. Although the allover condition of the Carrera is absolutely stunning, that dial is something else and is only adressed to connaisseurs who allready have seen and owned a lot of different vintagewatches. This one here is not your usual nos Carrera, this is a watch that only exists once on this planet and that will never ever get boring to it´s lucky owner.

We named it, the „Gustav Klimt“ and we are pretty sure that he, as well as his muse, Adele bloch bauer, would have immidiately understood why.

the 1153BN from the early 70´s has an unpolished case with clearly readable numbers and comes on it´s original Heuer/Gay Freres „beads of rice“ bracelet. The caliber 12 has been checked through and runs exactly in all functions. the original (former blue) dial has the ultrarare „paintless wonder“-effect, fading in the most beautiful possible way, the dial shows colourexplosions of gold, deep blue, dark blue and redtones. the subdials have faded to a tropical browntone. the topvarnish of the dial is still fixated and no parts are loose. the whole effect happens under the top varnishlayer. the combination of these overwhelming colours with the orange tone of the centersecondhand and the orange marks on the right subdial makes this to a complete and unique artwork. you will not find a comparable piece like this anywhere. 

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