Heuer Camaro exotic dial 73643
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this is one of the most beautiful and also rarest versions of the heuer camaro. the 73643 exotic dial. and this stunning example even comes on it´s original Heuer/GF double beads of rice bracelet. the racing chronograph from the late 1960s is 100% unmolested and we are very happy to say, it is equipped with all the original parts it once came out of the heuer factory. it´s exotic dial is absolutely flawless with strong contrasts and beautiful vanilla-toned tritium lumedots. The lume in the hands is matching that color. the original plexi shows some microcracks in some certain angles which doesn´t affect functionality in any way (all marks on the dial you will realize on the photos will only appear from the plexi). the valjoux 7736 has been checked through and is running perfectly in all functions. the unpolished steelcase has clearly readable engraved numbers and is in absolute top condition considered this watch is allready 50 years old. this piece can be rated as the ultimate heuer camaro for collectors.

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