Heuer Camaro 73643NT
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The 73643NT is a very rare version of the Heuer Camaro in the portfolio of all Camaro models that have been produced between 1968 and 1972. The dial of our beautifully aged piece here appears in a blueish tone on some parts of the brown/black base. We just had to name it „starry sky“ and you will understand why when looking at the close up´s. This piece will produce overwhelming effects in the direct sunlight. We will immidiately deliver a photoproof when the sun comes out again in this german winterweather we currently have here. The case, with both numbers being perfectly readable, is unpolished and appears still in the original shape. Dial, hands, pushers and crown are the original ones as well and absolutely unmolested. The Valjoux 7736 has been checked through and is running perfectly in all functions. This beautiful and rare Heuer comes on a black racing leatherband.
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