Heuer Camaro 7220NT
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This watch comes from a collection were it was sheltered for over a decade. The Valjoux 72 execution with red tachy and only the centersecond hand in red as well, is a very rare version in general. Most examples we have seen so far have the tachyscale fadet to a yellow or orange tone, unlike this one here, which still has a deepred scale on a deepblack dial. That fact gives it an extremely appealing and almost agressive racingstyle-face. The case (serial 174xxx) is absolutely unpolished and in outstanding condition. The Heuer Leonidas signed Valjoux 72 is running exactly and strong with no need for revisions in the near future. If all this wouldn´t be enough, that „grail Camaro“ comes even on a „grail bracelet“ itself. The original Heuer/Gay Freres „double beads of rice“ band, which the watch has left the factory with back in 1969. This bracelet here is in an extraordinary good condition with almost no stretch, stamped with 1969.

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