Hasselblad 503CW Millennium Kit
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We are very happy to offer you an absolute icon of photography up for sale in our rarebirds „beautiful things“ section today. The Hasselbald V-System has become worldfamous as the camera that was part of the Apollo-11 moonlanding Mission in 1969, used by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. In later years, the SLR camera with legendary 6 on 6cm format, was the tool for some of the best photographers this planet ever saw. Amongst them Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Nan Goldin and of course, many, many more.

The 503CW we are offering for sale today is the absolute peak of the analogue Hasselbald V-system evolution and is not being produced anymore nowadays. Our example is even the sought after „millennium edition“ that was only released in small numbers in the year 2000, to celebrate the change of the millennium. It is in all over outstanding good condition with a lot of paperwork, boxes, two Hasselbald / Carl Zeiss T* lenses ( Distagon 4/50mm T* and the Sonnar 4/150mm T*), the Millennium film caseback and many other parts, like Polaroid back, focus ring, the CW winder handle. Please see the photos for the full content of the kit. All parts, including both lenses, are in mint to very good condition and haven´t been used too often. Everything is working perfectly, all shutterspeeds are running absolute exactly.

Part of the package will also be a big Hasselbald manual book and two packages of 5x 120 filmrolls (color and black&white), so you could immidiately start your journey into the magical world of analogue photography. The whole kit contains everything you would need to start and even more. As the Hasselblad is a modular system, you could even extend this set with lenses, other finders or other equipment just as you like. Even digital backs, instead of the film caseback, are available for this system if you wanted one. Several of Photolaboratories still exist (especially in the bigger cities) and concentrate on analogue art photography today. Even some new ones have been opened up for that cause, maybe also  in your area. It´s worth a check.

This 6×6 Hasselbald can be used by you in the studio or for outdoor and wildlife shoots, as it is the the most solid and applicable mediumformat camera system that has ever been produced. It if you prefer, then this rare millennium edition also has the collectors-condition to be put into a gallery and be enjoyed behind glas. It is a sought after item for photography afficionados today, that will always remind us about some of the greatest achievements of mankind and also some of the greatest photography that has ever been created.


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