girard perregaux olimpico 9075af
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this is an extremely rare 9075 af olimpico by girard perregaux. the brand used to release chronographs to all olympic games in the past. todays collectors are still uncertain if this model came out either in 1968, 1972 or even in 1976. in any case it has a very appealing design that stands for it´s own, and is not comparable to any other vintagewatch outthere. our piece comes even with the original gp  steelbracelet, which is yet rarer than the watch itself. until today, it is the only piece we have ever seen anywhere. all other 9075 af olimpicos, we are aware of (maybe 8 pieces worldwide), are worn on leatherbands or other straps. all parts on our watch are the original ones including the crackfree bakelitbezel, unsigned crown, pushers, and the plexi. the 39mm steelcase appears in unpolished condition. the lume on the fume-colored panda dial, as well as the lume in the hands, is the original tritium one. the georgeous, girard perregaux engraved, excelsior park 40 caliber has just been fully serviced by our watchmaker and works perfectly in all functions.

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