Girard Perregaux Olimpico 9075AF
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this is a very rare 9075 af olimpico by girard perregaux from the late 1960s, early 1970s. the brand used to release chronographs for all the olympics in the past, but only this reference has reached a wider fame amongst collectors regarding it´s outstanding detailed design, that stands for it´s own. Stylewise it can be seen in a line with Zenith A384/5/6 or the UG Compax line, like Nina Rindt or the exotic dial versions.

The watch is in allover original and beautiful condition. It´s by far the best example we ever had conditionwise during the past 15 years. It features a stunning crackfree bakelitbezel, a gp signed crown, and all the original tritium lume in the handset and on the dial. the 39mm steelcase appears in unpolished condition with all numbers being enbraved between the lugs and on the caseback. the georgeous, girard perregaux refined and engraved, excelsior park caliber 40  works perfectly in all functions. the watch will be delivered with three bands, our handmade and tegu-leatherstrap with original matching GP buckle, a black sporttropic band and a yellow leather/fabric nato strap.

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