cartier santos 2965 octagon
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we are happy to be able to offer another example of the rare cartier santos octagon automatic in steel with grey dial from the 1980s (ref 2965). the very first octagonal santos was designed by louis cartier for a friend in 1906. this friend, alberto santos dumont, was a brasilian pilot pioneer. regarding that fact, the original octagonal santos from 1906 is called the very first pilot watch in history today.  it´s a rumour among cartier collectors, that the grey dial in the 29mm steel case was released for the 75 year anniversary of the octagonal cartier santos. our example is absolutely unpolished and in allover original condition, showing only some minor signs of wearing. it´s automatic caliber is running strong and exact. the watch will currently fit wrists up to a range of 17,8 cm circumference.

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