Audemars Piguet Zebra / handwinding

this is an extremely rare handwound execution of the spectacular Audemars Piguet Zebra, reference 4274, from the 1980s.

The watch is in umolested, unpolished and allover great condition. it´s clean handwinding AP caliber 2003 is running exactly and is not in the need for a service currently. The 25 x 32 mm steel & gold case clearly shows the serial number (B xxxxx). The braceletlinks are removable and the AP will currently fit wrists up to circumference of 18,2cm.

The rare handwound version of the Zebra, with a hight of only 4,5mm, is surprisingly even thinner than the Quartz version. It wears extremely comfortable and regarding it´s „watch-integrated-to-bracelet-design“ it is an absolutely great looking for any wrist size. This AP is a true piece of art and surely one of the vintage-watch-grails from the 1980s. Also you will hardly ever find a handwound execution in nicer condition than this one. The Zebra comes with a beige AP travel pouch  // 19.500€ Please contact us over this link

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