aquastar deepstar mk1 maxi dial v92
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we are more than happy to offer a special watch here on rarebirds. Pieces like this one mirror exactly what we love about our business and hobby. this extremely rare aquastar deepstar mk1 with maxi- or big lume plot dial is only the 8th piece of the execution that has appeared worldwide so far. as widely known, the deepstar was jacques cousteau´s choice for his calypso crew back then in the 1960´s. This specific example was sourced by us in a small village in the french area brittany, like the little pink flag on the map shows. we had the chance to buy it from a small antiqueart-dealer who had it straight from the 65 year old daughter of a former professional diver. It´s known, that several expeditions of the Calypso started from harbours in this area. Even if the final proof is missing, the chance was never higher, that this example might have been one from the original crewmembers from jacques cousteau´s calypso, considered how rare these examples are and where it comes from. the watch is all original in every single part including crown and plexi. one fact that needs to be mentioned is the superclean subdial which is very unusual for most of the deepstars that have been found. the dark part of the dial has faded to an overwhelming fume-color with beautiful patinaeffects. the valjoux 92 was freshly serviced by our watchmaker. this important piece of watchhistory comes on a vintage 60s sporttropic-band and a grey natostrap in addition.

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