vintage "Baybybirds" from the 60s & 70s

Apart from all the amazing Vintage watches from Rolex, Patek & Co there is still a lot more outthere for collectors. The so called „affordable“ vintage watches, mostly with prices under 3k€ and sometimes even under 1k€. We call them the „babybirds“ 🙂

Their brands have similar weighty history, their materials, like gold and steel, are of same quality, their handwound and automatic calibers are often the same as with their famous competitors. So why are the big brands so much more expensive? Well it´s the hype. From hype results demand, and demand  regulates the market. So finally the high prices are well earned for those big brands. Still we were always a fan of also focussing on those precious babybirds besides the common holy grails of the collectors market. They are simply the same fun and only your ego will stop you from enjoying them.

Some of those beautiful pieces are still silently sleeping in our rarebirds subsections and we want to give you a hint from time to time to take a look at them again, as they are worth it. The prices are partly a bargain for the wrist-fun you will get. All can also be payed in Cryptos like BTC or ETH. Enjoy our babybirds and please klick the links for further details.

Longines Conquest 18k // 2250€  // Details und this link.

Eberhard & Co 36 Automatic //  980€ or Crypto // Details under this link.

Galco Valjoux 7733 Chrono // sold out

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