Valgine Chronographe nos
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This is a rare Valgine Chronograph from the 1970s in nos condition. The brand valgine appears only very rarely on the market and, from todays perspective, could be rated as a pre-richard-mille brand. It was founded in 1900 by ali guenat and later leaded by Dominique Guenat, who was, and today still is, responsible for the design and production of richard mille. he was also one of the two founders of richard mille. our superfunky 70s valgine reminds us about todays richard mille watches in many aspects. the 35mm oval shaped steelcase for example, or the extremely colorful dialdesign with even golden subdials. also the very stylish original bracelet is one of a kind. the chronograph is powered by a perfectly running valjoux 7734 and is in allover original and mint condition. and here is the huge differnce compared to todays richard mille models. this valgine is not 300.000€ or more but

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