Universal Geneve Tricompax 881101/02
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This watch is still in it´s factory-delivered configuration regarding all parts. The case has never been polished before (please see one scratch above a minipushers), as well as the caseback which shows the so important numbers very well. (ref. 881101/02 serial 2684886). The watch has been delivered out for the Portuguese market so it brings two nice specialties with. One is the Portuguese customs punsh on the caseside of the minipushers, which every watch from that timeperiod must have that has been delivered to Portugal. The second one is highly appreciated by collectors if it comes to portuguese watches with weekday-complication. The shortform of the portuguese friday (sexta-feira) is simply „sex“. So you will have at least one day in the week which will deliver you a smile in the morning when looking at your rare chronograph. 😉 The dial of this piece is almost perfect with no particular issues i would have to mention. For sure dial and hands still appear with the authentic lume. The movement has received a fresh revision and runs absolutely exact in all functions. All settings work perfectly as well. The Tricompax even has the original plexiglas built on which is easily to recognise at the engraved U in the middle of the plexi.

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