The first Swatch Chronocollection from 1990
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Yes, we are known for sourcing and selling some of the finest and most valuable vintage collectorswatches, so why would we be so cheeky and now offer a couple of plastic quartz watches for sale. easy answer. we love them. swatch is where it all started for us back then in the eighties, and looking at those icons of watch history always feels like thrown „back to the future“. This showcase contents six selected pieces from the very first chronograph collection in 1990/91, exactly as they are shown in the swatch bible „swatch-clopedia“ (see photo). The chronos, with 37mm diameter plus crown, are taller then the usual gents models. Our pieces have been collected together for years and 5 of them are even in new old stock condition having never been on a wrist. Also No6 (SCL 100) is in mint condition but it´s band has a slightly unevenness. All chronos are working, as we have recently tested through. Still those pieces are not meant to be worn, but to be collected and exposed as they all come with original box and papers and in addition an awesome chrono-showcase from the 90s which is highly sought after by collectors. All batteries have been removed but we will deliver one with, so you could try them out. Some watches, like for example the star of this portfolio, the „White horses“ (SCW 100), have allready achieved prices of over 400€ in the condition like ours is. Vintage Swatch is pure popart and these six original pieces will bring the early 90s vibes of andrew agassis tennis serve, marty mc fly´s delorean, the german reunion and MJ´s and Madonna´s music back to your living room. We won´t mention Mc hammer, Vanilla Ica and David Hasselhoff at this point.

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