Seiko "Kakume" 5 Sports 6138-0040T
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the japanese brand seiko gets more and more into focus of international collectors. their productionquality and history of important innovations to the watchworld over the past decades is well known. one of the grails of their vintagewatchportfolio is without any doubt the „Kakume“ chronograph with it´s extraordinary designed square subdials. It won´t be such a big challenge to find a Kakume with blue dial, but with the silvergolden dial like ours here, they are rarely seen on the market. What makes this watch even more special are three fact that are ultra sought after by collectors. First one is the japanese datewheel, second is the „5 Sports“ version and third is that it even comes with the original „5 Sports“ bracelet. It will be a long and tough quest to find a comparable piece like this one here. the condition of this early 70´s icon is absolutely original, unpolished and unmolested. You will still find all lumeplots on the beautiful dial. the inhouse Seiko 6138 movement was checked through and is running great in all functions.

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