Rolex Dj 1601 tropical glossy dial 1963
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we are very happy to have made it, to find another awesome Rolex 1601 datejust with very rare tropical glossy dial. This extremely beautiful piece comes with a dial that can only be described as magical, as it shows several overwhelming shades of brown and glossy effects depending on the angle you turn it in direct sunlight. the “piepan“ -dial still carries all original lumeplots and is also in a great condition in general. it´s case, with a nice fat shape and clearly readable numbers (82xxxx) contents the original whitegold bezel. the rolex jubilee-bracelet is engraved periodcorrect with 2/64. the 1560 rolex automatic movement has been checked through by our watchmaker and is in perfectly working order, not being in the need for a service soon. This is a very rare and extraordinary DJ 1601 you won´t find a second time on this planet.

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