Rolex 6694 Oysterdate / NOS
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With exploding prices for all vintage Rolex sportsmodels, the oyster dresswatches like datejust and date are getting more and more into focus as they are the last „affordable“ vintagepieces by this iconic brand. A precision 6694 with it´s 34mm steelcase and plane bezel was released as a man´s watch and if you are not hopelessly devoted to  extremely „loud“ oversized watches, they are still a very appealing and understated alternative on a gentleman´s wrist. To find an example with perfect black dial has become quite a challenge today. Our piece here from 1976 (serial 4,2 mio) is, ..well is new, or as we use to say in the collectorsworld. new old stock. This includes the facts of 100% perfect and original condition in all parts. unpolished, unmolested, unscratched. Running just perfectly and winding up feels like you are the first guy ever doing it.

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