Rolex Submariner 5513 Maxi Dial
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This is a beautiful and allover unmolested Rolex 5513 Maxi Dial from 1983. The watch was directly bought from the first owner, who has never changed a single part on it. The Mk4 Maxi dial is 100% flawless and has an overwhelming beautiful tritiumcolor added by a matching and absolutely corrosionfree handset. The original greyfaded fatfont bezelinsert is in great condition, missing the perl in it´s triangle. The superfat case appears with clearly readable and unpolished numbers and even the original triplockcrown. A sought after superdomed t19 is built on this iconic diver and it even wears the periodcorrect oysterbracelet, that always has been on this watch. It´s movement has been checked through for weeks and runs exactly and strong, not being in the need for a service soon.

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