Rolex 1655 Explorer 2 "straight hand"
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The „Freccione“ or “Orange Hand” was worn by some famous men in former times. Amongst them was also the legendary climber Reinhold Messner. This example here from 1972 is known as the mk2 version, meaning that it´s only difference to the mk1 is the second version of the bezel. Apart from that these are the only two versions of the 1655 which appear with a straight second hand without the dot, like you will see them in all later versions. The frogfoot dial and the handset of this example here can be rated with 100% and are absolutely untouched with original tritiumlume. The “thin-case” with 3,2 mio serial number is in superfat condition, as well as the mk2 bezel. Even the authentic T116 plexi is built on the watch. The movement has received a fresh revision by the former owner about one year ago.

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