Omega Speedmaster Premoon 145.022-69
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As the knowledge about this iconic „first watch on the moon“ is widely spread and easily to source over the internet, we will simply drop the impressive hard facts of full authenticity here. This Speedy, from the year in which the first human has ever put his foot onto the moon, is absolutely matching in case, dial, movementnumber and caseback. It even comes on it´s original 1175 bracelet with 640 ends. The 861 movement (serial 305xxxxx) is in pristine and perfectly working condition, having been revisioned just three years ago. The original darkgreyfadet bezel is almost unscratched. Crown, pushers and even the plexi with engraved Omega logo are the original ones. The painted logo stepdial with tritiummarkers is in unmolested and 100% perfect condition, the handset is matching in color. Case, premooncaseback and bracelet are absolutely unpolished and in well preserved condition as well. It will be our pleasure to welcome you back on our site after searching for a nicer example anywhere on the interent.

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