Mambo Artwork / 56 x 77cm/ Acrylic paint
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„The Hathead“ 2011 / 56 x 77cm / Acrylic paint on Paper.
Mambo was born in Chile in 1969, from a French father and a Hungarian mother. He grew up in Latin America and started his artist career in Paris. He lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Mambo is a polyglot artist, capable to pick what he needs on his languages palette to express his feelings in the moment. His different artworks series go from semi-abstract graphic interplays of lines and spontaneous designs (Brainology series), to abstract action painting (Flavien series) as well as minimal portraits (Orange Portraits series) using his signature red-orange color, thus creating an expressive graphic universe, full of underlying meanings, combining observation, ambiguity and humour. The core theme is humanity, the inspiration is our brain, our mental processes, sensations, emotions, memories, inner feelings and mechanical reactions. Human behaviors become colorful ideograms, our environment becomes a dictionary, where he picks symbols to write his own prose : visual enigma.

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