Heuer Carrera 7753 Belgium airforce
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this rare version of the Carrera 7753 was exclusively ordered by the belgium airforce in the early 1970s. They very only produced for one year and exist in an issued and a civilian version. Our watch here is such a civilian piece without issue engravings on the caseback. these pieces were maybe overstock which was still used by military employees but not for certain missions. they only appear very rarely on the market. According to the former owner, who is one of the world´s biggest Heuer collectors, this watch was in possession of a belgium airforce pilot for a very long time, before he sold it to that collector. The carrera is authentic in every single part with still the original lume on dial and in hands (no, they are not meant to be matching in color ;)). The valjoux 7733 is running exactly and strong. The case and as well the caseback have never been polished before. This historical important heuer comes on a black natostrap.


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