Heuer Carrera 3147N Indianapolis
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Reffering to collectors knowledge and also the Carrerabook of Crosthwaite & Gavin, this special co branded Carrera was only sold in the local giftshop besides the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the 60´s. Only about five pieces of this black execution have been observed so far, and this one here is probably the best of them all. The condition could be stated as almost „New Old Stock“ considering it´s age of about 50 years. It comes on the original corfam band with Heuer buckle which shows only very minor signs of wearing since the late sixties when it has left the Heuer factory exactly in this configuration.

The whole provenance of this piece is known and can be shared discreetly with the new owner but unfortunately not to the public as the former owner pleased me to do so.

The description about the  condition of this piece can be held very shortly. It´s unpolished and even unscratched (serial 127xxx), unmolested allover with still all parts being the original ones. Even the Landeron 189 looks to be in outstanding mint condition with now watchmaker-signs being engraved in the caseback. The movement is running very well in all it´s functions, keeping good time and winding very smoothly. Dial and hands are still carrying the original lume with a beautiful warmtoned patina. All lumedots are still there, just some of them not in full size anymore. The black part of the dial is absolutely flawless, as well as the cleanwhite subdial is. This watch represents Heuers motorsport history like no other Carrera. 

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