Heuer Carrera 110 253 "Côte de Genève"
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Let´s do the condition-description first. It won´t take too long. Here it is: All original from top to bottom, unpolished 38mm case, unmolested, almost unworn. In other words we are talking about the best possible collectors condition. Please don´t ask for any issues. There are none. Even the caliber 12 is in awesome condition, running strong and perfect. All this would be allready great if it was about one of the more usual steel automatic Carreras from the early 70s, but we are talking about the queen of that portfolio. The rare Carrera „Côte de Genève“. This name stands for the complex  finishing of the dial with three big stripes fading from black to blue. This dial is so overwhelmingly beautiful in the sunlight that it´s not even possible to make photos that deliver the full magic it develops in real life. This Carrera is one for collectors who are looking only for the rarest, most stylish and best preserved vintagewatches. It will come on a black racingleatherstrap and in addition a blue vintage sporttropic upon request.

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