Heuer Camaro Champion 73343
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You like Rolex Daytonas because of their motorsport connection? It sounds disapointing but they have never had one. They have only been worn by some famous actors who appreciated motorsports ( Still great actors and great watches for sure ;)) This very rare Heuer Camaro racing chronograph from the early 70s has true motorsport history, just like it´s famous brother the Heuer Carrera „Indianapolis“. The american company „champion“ used to produce spark plugs for racingcars back then in the 70s and they are still very well in buisness today. They did advertings on cars and sponsorships on the racetracks. You will find a lot of beautiful „champion“motorsport footage from that timeperiod when searching through the internet. finally they also ordered a very small batch (exact numbers are not known) of Camaros from Heuer with their logo on it. This branded Chronograph belongs to one of the most beautiful and most sought after of all Camaro models among collectors. Our example comes in 100% unmolested original condition with an unpolished case and clearly readable numbers. Dial and hands appear with the lume that has always been on and in them. The Valjoux 7733 has been checked through by our watchmaker and is in perfectly working order regarding all functions. The new black racingleatherstrap we deliver it on, wears an original vintage heuer buckle. As you may have realized we did the photoshoot of the watch on an orange „champion“ truckercap. this item is an original new old stock piece from the 70s with only some very slight patina on it. it´s absolutely unworn and will be part of our rare camaro „champion“ motorsport set.

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