Heuer Autavia "Andretti" 3646
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this is a Heuer autavia 3646 3rd execution, the so called „andretti“, after it´s most famous owner, the italian formula 1 pilot mario andretti. our example is comming on it´s very rare original Heuer GF bracelet with the even more rare original HL endlinks. amongst collectors those endlinks are known to be „unsourcable“ and they have allready achieved unbelievable crazy prices. our 3646 Autavia has an unpolished 39mm steelcase with allover original parts, like domed plexi, pushers and crown. the dial is flawless with cleanwhite subdials and beautiful warmtoned tritium indicies in full size. also the handset is carrying it´s original tritium lume. the valjoux 92 is heuer leonidas signed and running exactly in all functions. this awesome autavia is pure racing history, coming with exactly the bracelet like mario andretti has worn it back in the days.

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