Bulgari Octo 38mm
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we are happy to offer you the discontinued 38mm version of the bulgari octo in our „new millenium“ section. the groundbreaking case design of the octo models is allready rated as upcoming future classic by many watch enthusiasts. For our taste, the great Octo Finissimo case appears too big with it´s 42mm plus crown, so we found out for ourselfes, that the 38mm case of the octo solotempo (Ref. BGO 38S) simply is the perfectly balanced watch. As it´s production has ran out and bulgari doesn´t offer any 38mm octo models anymore, it is also the right time now to put one of those into your collection. even more if it´s the most sought after version with deepblack glossy dial and with integrated steelbracelet. our example is in almost unworn condition coming as a fullset with box, outer box and bulgari guarantee card from 4/2020.

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