Heuer Autavia GMT 2446C
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we have to mention that this GMT 2446C from around 1969 is the nicest we have ever seen. It is original in every single part and has not only an unpolished case but also an unmolested dial and handset with overwhelming warmtoned tritiumpatina. The bezel is almost scratchfree and if this all wouldn´t be enough, it comes even on it´s original unpolished Gay Freres/Heuer „doublebeads of rice“ bracelet in full lenght with close to zero stretch. You ask about the service history? The Heuer Leonidas signed Valjoux 72 has recently received a full service by one of Germany´s best vintage watchmakers. This 40mm compressorcase watch comes from a collector who has owned it for many years and took care of it in the best possible way. How we can be so sure about this? Well, we sold it to him at a time when collecting Heuer was only a niche for some crazy dudes who allready loved racingchronos while everyone else was still collecting threehand divers. This watch is a witness from a timeperiod when you could still buy the highest possible quality of these rare pieces. We are very happy to be able to offer this collectorspiece to our customers for one more time.

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